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Time : 2019-08-27


This workstation is mainly used to realize the automatic welding of the inner seam of the double girder main beam. After the manual feeding is basically centered, the workpiece is turned over by the L-arm hydraulic turning machine, and the robot can locate and weld automatically.

Why we go to such a workstation?

1. Save welding personnel, reduce labor costs, improve production environment and optimize management.

2. Robot can work 24 hours uninterruptedly. It can organize production with high intensity and efficiency, and is not affected by personnel factors. It can improve equipment utilization rate and shorten product delivery cycle.

3. Robot eliminates hidden dangers of manual operation and avoids unnecessary accidents in production safety. Strict standardized operation, high process stability, stable productivity.

4. Enhance the image of Henan FLAG Crane technology and strength, improve the strength and quality of product welds, and have more market competitiveness.

The main features of the workstation are as follows:

1. To satisfy the welding of the inner weld of the rib and web (the inner weld of the web and the upper cover can also be welded).

2. The welding procedure of laser seeker and robot is used to realize the automatic welding of main beam inner seam.

3. The L-arm hydraulic turnover machine is equipped with a contact sensing system to automatically locate the workpiece.

4. Set up key switch to prevent accidental operation of equipment when personnel are feeding materials.

5. The welding program is programmed by parameterization, and the dimension parameters are input into the teaching device to determine the welding position automatically.

6. All motors and key components are waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level is IP54 or higher.



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