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Europe Type Electric Hoist

  • Capacity: 1~100 tons
  • Lift height: 6~30m(max 100m)
  • Lifting speed: 0.8/5 m/min
  • Traveling speed: 2~20 m/min
  • Duty group: ISO M5
  • Protection degree: Ip54/Ip54Working
  • temperature: -20~+40℃(max 60℃)
  • Working temperature: -20~+40℃(max 60℃)



With its expertise on leading technologies, FLAG Crane developed modular concepted Europe Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist which has been certified with multiple patents. It adopts the trendy C-type design, rendering compact structure, smooth running, and precise positioning. Adopted various new technologies including inverter control braking energy recovery and safety monitory system. Europe Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist provides you with better logistics solution, assured reliability and safety for operation.

The lifting capacity of Europe Type Wire Rope Electrical Hoist ranges from 1t to 100t. Depending on its structural layout, it can be grouped as fixed type, single girder suspension and double girder travelling types. By its applications, it can be categorized as general usage, dedicated clean room usage, explosion-proof, and the nuclear plant use. It deemed to be your ideal solutions for light, medium or heavy duty transportations and will surely satisfy your requirements under various working conditions.

  • 1Heavy working duty in M5
  • 2Compact structure
  • 3Convenient and easy for operation
  • 4Low noise and free maintenance
  • 5Energy saving & Eco-friendly
  • 6FEM/DIN Standard
  • 1Compact structure, Light weight, Small wheel load, Maximium space utilization and high Costeffectiveness
  • 2Select quality components–safe, reliable and durable
  • 3Precise positioning,high efficiuency
  • 4Safe and reliable Operation monitoring facilitates Easy maintenance
  • 5Modular design Low maintenance cost Hassle-free spare parts service

Manufacturing workshop, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemicals,ports,railway,civil aviation,power station,food industry, paper making,building material, warehouses and other material handling application

Technical data
Type Capacity Lifting Height Lifting Speed Traveling Speed Beam Width Power Supply


Ton Meter M/min M/min mm V-Hz-Phase
ND 2 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500 220~440v-50~60Hz-3 Phase
3 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500
5 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500
10 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500
16 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500
20 6~30 5/0.8 5-20 200~500

Please note: Above specification just for your reference,our hoist can be customized design based on your requirements.


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