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How to set up a crane limiter?

Time : 2024-02-23

The steps to set up a crane limiter typically include the following:

1. Confirm the type and parameters of the crane limiter: this includes key information such as lifting height, rated bearing capacity, and torque.

2. Set up the control system and conduct initial testing to ensure its correctness and compatibility with limiters.

3. Conduct height limit test: Raise the hook to the highest point to ensure that the limiter can be triggered and stop the operation when the crane exceeds the allowable height.

4. Conduct weight limit test: Place items with larger weight on the crane, check if the limiter can be activated in a timely manner and prevent overloading.

5. Conduct lifting torque limit test: By adjusting the limiter, using different torques and conducting tests on different ground surfaces, verify whether the limiter can respond in a timely manner when the torque is too high.

6. Conduct a walking limit test: Place the crane in a position where it may encounter obstacles to ensure that the limiter can effectively prevent accidents from exceeding the limit.

7. Regular maintenance and repair: In order to maintain the normal working state of the safety limiter, regular maintenance and necessary repairs are required.

In addition. for the weight limiter. it is necessary to set the weight range, alarm, and emergency stop value of the weight limiter. and connect it to the control system of the crane, so that a warning can be issued in a timely manner and emergency stop options can be provided when the crane is overweight.



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