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What’s different types of bridge cranes?

Time : 2024-04-22

The main models of bridge cranes are: double beam bridge cranes, single beam bridge cranes, and European bridge cranes.

  1. Double girder bridge crane
    Double-girder bridge crane is a common heavy-duty lifting equipment. It is usually used for lifting goods in factories, warehouses, docks and other places. It has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, large span and good stability. The two girder bridges of the double-girder bridge crane are relatively independent, and the hoisting machinery runs between the two beams through a cart articulated on the girder, which can meet the needs of large span and heavy lifting capacity. In addition, double-girder bridge cranes are also divided into two types: European double-girder bridge cranes and domestic standard double-girder bridge cranes.
Double girder bridge crane

2. Single girder bridge crane
The difference between a single-girder bridge crane and a double-girder bridge crane is that it has only one girder bridge, and the other side is supported by a fixed structure such as a wall. Single-girder bridge cranes have the advantages of simple construction, light weight, and small span. They are suitable for construction, assembly, and maintenance work. At the same time, single-girder bridge cranes can also be equipped with electromagnetic suction cups for lifting steel plates and other hard materials.

Single girder bridge crane

3. European bridge crane
European-style bridge crane is a high-end lifting equipment. Its main features are beautiful appearance, excellent design, compact structure and smooth operation. In addition to the functions of traditional cranes, European-style bridge cranes are also mainly used in large European factories, gray factories, prefabricated buildings and other fields.

European bridge crane

Bridge cranes are widely used in heavy industry, metallurgy, papermaking, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Among them, bridge cranes are also one of the indispensable equipment in bridge construction and maintenance projects.

The above is an introduction to the types of bridge cranes. As the demand for lifting equipment in the industrial field increases, bridge cranes will usher in wider application prospects.



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