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Product Quality Improving Meeting Holding

Time : 2022-03-24

In order to further implement the Group's quality strategy and comprehensively improve product quality, Flag Crane has formulated a series of measures to improve product quality to better serve customers and lay a solid foundation for product quality improvement.

First, it is necessary to strengthen the quality awareness of employees ideologically, and secondly, continue to maintain the pretreatment of steel and profile shot blasting to improve the appearance quality of materials and the adhesion of paint. Thirdly, do a good job of self-inspection. When cutting materials, carefully follow the work order and the drawings; after cutting, check the drawings first, and then carry out appearance treatment such as slag cleaning, so that each piece of material can be Meet the quality requirements. Finally, carry out random inspection or special inspection on the materials. In this way, every layer of material used in the production is a qualified product, and the quality improvement work of the first process is done for the team.

In fact, no matter what the situation and conditions are, Employee is a key factor, the staff is the main body of the machine management , the human determines the quality, and the quality is a kind of responsibility cultivation. As long as each of us firmly establishes the idea of quality improvement, and everyone starts from their own work and details, the quality of our products and work will definitely reach a new height.

In the next work, Flag Crane will continue to strengthen the quality management work, improve the quality concept of employees, serve the team, start from the source, persistently build a first-class brand with first-class quality and first-class products, and develop a broader Market environment, create more lucrative economic benefits, make our products enduring and long last!




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