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  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • 7.5t electric chain hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • 7.5t electric chain hoist

HB Electric Chain Hoist

  • Capacity: 0.5~32 tones (Standard, Non-standard Customized)
  • Lifting height: 6~30m (Customized)
  • Lifting Speed: 0.8 ~ 9m/min
  • Travelling Speed: 20m/min
  • Working Class: ISO M3
  • Protection Degree: Ip54/Ip54
  • Working Temperature: -20~+40℃(max 60℃)
  • TAG: Electric Hoist 




HB electric chain hoist adopts high-strength aluminum alloy body with beautiful appearance, compact body, small size and light weight. It adopts two-stage gear transmission, high-speed stage is helical gear transmission. therefore, this hoist has stable transmission, less noise, and the components are with high strength.

HB chain hoist’s main parts are made of high-alloy steel materials and processed through multiple heat treatment. So, it has the features of high strength and good wear resistance. The hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel. After strengthening heat treatment, they are very strong, even for overload, the hook won’t break.

HB electric chain hoist is easy to operate and maintain. It can be installed on electric or manual single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, jib crane, gantry crane and other cranes.

HB Electric chain hoist

HB Electric chain hoist

  • Aluminum shell body. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, no deform, safe,
  • Travel limit switch. Up and down traveling limit switch, automatic stop, to limit the chain traveling within the stroke,
  • High strength chain. High strength chain for all working conditions,
  • Pendant control. Button pushing pendant, comfortable pushing.
chain hoist exploded picture

chain hoist exploded picture

  • 1The comprehensive performance of the HB electric chain hoist motor is good, the safety and reliability of use are more guaranteed, and the probability of danger is reduced.
  • 2The whole body structure of electric chain hoist is very simple. It is convenient for installation, disassembly and maintenance, and has good maintainability.
  • 3The headroom height is better, which effectively saves space, and multiple styles (fixed, low headroom, running) are not limited by the narrow space.
  • 4The shell adopts light aluminum alloy shell, which is light and strong, with high heat dissipation rate, and the fully sealed design is suitable for use in environments with poor working conditions.
  • 5The three-in-one transmission technology provides excellent performance. The hoisting reducer made of high-quality alloy steel can realize three-stage deceleration, runs very smoothly, has a long service life, and has reliable performance, avoiding the long-distance transmission of the hoist intermediate shaft. Many disadvantages.
  • 6More unique innovations, novel and beautiful appearance, exquisite and lightweight humanized design (limit switch, double brake system, scientific switch, chain, chain bag, etc.)

HB electric hoist customized


HB Electric chain hoist is widely used in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards, shops, etc. It is an essential machine for improving labor efficiency and working conditions.
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Technical Data

HB chain hoist drawing

Capacity (T) 0.5-32
Lifting Speed (M/Min) 7.2/2.4 6.9/2.3 9.0/3.0 6.9/2.3 3.3/1.1 5.4/1.8 5.4/1.8 4.5/1.5 2.4/0.8 2.7/0.9
Motor Power (Kw) 0.8/0.27 1.8/0.6 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0 1.8/0.6 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0 1.8/0.6 3.0/1.0
Insulation Grade F
Power Supply 3P 220V-690V customized
Control Voltage 24V/36V/48V or customized
Spec. Of Load Chain 6.3 7.1 10.0 10.0 7.1 11.2 11.2 10.0 7.1 11.2

Please note: Above specification just for your reference,our hoist can be customized design based on your requirements.

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