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 Lifting Platform

  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Lifting height:15.7m
  • Table size:2.64*1.14m
  • Motor power: 24v/4.5kw
  • Battery: 4*6v/300Ah
  • Charge: 24v/25v
  • Drive wheel diamer: 381*127
  • Customized speed based on requirement
  • Working temperature: -20℃~+40℃

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  • Lifting platform is a kind of multifunctional equipment. Its lift system bases on hydraulic drive. This lifting platform makes aerial work more efficient and safer. The lifting platform can be fixed and movable.
  • We have various types of lifting platforms such as fixed type, mobile type, electric battery type. It has features of light weight, self-propelled, electric starting, self-supported, large working range and simple operation, which can carry out 360 degree aerial work crossing obstacles.
  • 1High space loading, compact and stable structure, and can adapt to high-frequency continuous operation.
  • 2 The lifting height is stable, which can meet the stable lifting of large tonnage goods It is equipped with anti attachment and overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation
  • 3The rising and falling processes are uniform and stable.
  • 4Compact structure, simple appearance, flexible and convenient maintenance and use.
  • 5The rated load is heavy, which can effectively improve the work efficiency.
  • 6The Italian joint venture pump station group is adopted, which has low noise and long service life.
  • 7A wide range of optional accessories to meet customer needs.
  • 8Clean and pollution-free, conducive to environmental maintenance.
  • 1The support is made of high strength manganese steel, which is solid, and the frame body adopts scissor design with high stability
  • 2The support leg during lifting, which effectively improves the stability of the equipment and ensures the safety of high-altitude operation.
  • 3Lifting without support leg is strictly prohibited, the support leg can open and close
  • 4Brand joint venture oil cylinder is adopted, with large output power, low failure rate, convenient and simple maintenance

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