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  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane
  • Flexible Combined Crane

Flexible Combined Crane

  • Capacity: 0.1Ton-3.5Ton
  • Span:1~10m
  • Lifting height: 6,9m
  • Lifting speed: 0.35~8m/min(defined by Capacity)
  • Traveling speed: 20/30 m/min
  • Customized speed based on requirement
  • Duty Group: ISO M4
  • Protection degree:Ip54/lp55
  • Working temperature: -20~+40℃

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  • Flexible Combined Crane is constituted by the track, electric chain hoist and installation components. This crane can be a very simple equipment with 2 straight rails, also can be very complex suspended monorail system.
  • Flexible Combined Crane has simple operation of manual operation also has complex operation such as automatic system operated by compute integrated control.
  • Flexible operation of this crane makes it more convenient for different handling of materials. It can realize reinstallation and reconstruction by regrouping the components or adding some other components. The flexible suspension crane manufactured by Flag Crane can be mainly used in precise assembly line.
  • 1Good reliability and high stability
  • 2Adaptable
  • 3Easy to install, cost-effective
  • It consists of track, trolley, main beam, hoist, electric control box, control system, safety protection system, etc. (Telescopic beam is available for special conditions);
  • Drive: cone rotor motor + friction wheel (when the lifting weight is greater than 1t);
  • Control: wired pendant control (IP65, lifespan 500,000 times), wireless remote control;
  • Motor protection grade: IP55, F-class insulation;

This flexible suspension crane is mainly used for moving iron plates, blocks and cylindrical magnetically conductive workpieces. This crane system is simple to use, safe and reliable, with a compact and lightweight structure.

This flexible crane system is widely used in the field of electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railway, construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, venues and other important industries as well as machinery and equipment for infrastructure projects.
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