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  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy
  • Overhead Crane for Metallurgy

QDY/YZ Double Beam Overhead Crane for Metallurgy

  • Capacity: 16 Tones~320 Tones (Standard, Non-standard Customized)
  • Span: 7.5-34.5m (Customized)
  • Lifting Height: 9~15 m (Customized)
  • Lifting Speed: 0.35~8m/min(defined by Capacity)
  • Traveling Speed: 20/30 m/min
  • Speed: Customized speed based on requirement
  • Working Class: ISO A7, A6, A8
  • Protection Degree: Ip54/lp55
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~+40℃
  • TAG: Overhead Crane



QDY/YZ Double Beam Overhead Crane for Metallurgy application. 16 tones to 320 tones metallurgy crane with double girder design improves your efficiency and safety. As metallurgy crane manufacturer and supplier, Flagcrane is able to provide custom metallurgy crane for your steel plant.

  • 1. Main lifting mechanism is with 4 independent rope-reeving systems,
  • 2. Double brake for balance beam to prevent wire-rope accident,
  • 3. Emergency stop switch on main lifting mechanism,
  • 4. Overload protection and anti-derailment protection,
  • 5. Over speed monitoring for main lifting mechanism,
  • 6. Limit switch.
  • 1Main lifting mechanism of Flag Crane  metallurgy overhead crane is with fast speed to meet the requirement of efficient production. Speed regulating can be carried out by stator pressure regulation and motor frequency conversion.
  • 2Anti-sway system for steady and smooth operation.
  • 3Accurate positioning, fully automatic, CNC control.
  • 4European standard, FEM/DIN.
  • 5Safe and reliable, reasonable structure, economical, long service life and convenient to maintain, etc.
  • 6The overall design is with lightweight and compact structure.
  • 7Low height, light self-weight, small hook limit, large working range.
  • 8High quality parts, durable, safe and reliable.
  • 9Less maintenance and repair costs.
  • 10Small total crane power and low energy consumption.

QDY/YZ Double Beam Metallurgy Crane is mainly used for lifting ladles, steel pipes, steel plates, coils, beam steel, steel craps, etc. in the field of metallurgy. The sling can be hook, grab, electromagnetic lifter, clamp, etc.
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