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95Ton Overhead Crane Shipped To The West Africa

Time : 2022-09-23

Flagcrane 95Ton overhead crane shipped to the west africa, we would like to share you the experience of this Cote d'Ivoire Client in west africa.

Upon the successfully commissioning and operating for 5 sets Overhead Cranes for almost 1 year. we would like to share you the experience of this Cote d'Ivoire Client in west africa.

We have get the inquiry from client at end of 2019, after 2~3 months communication. And Flagcrane has been ranked into the supplier list with professional technical support and competitive price. Then client arranges Bureau Veritas for factory inspection and microsoft teams online meeting to final cooperate with Flagcrane.

Since the contract signed, we have firstly submitted all production drawings both mechanical and electrical to client for confirmation. After confirming the order, we submit the production plan and progress for follow-up. As well as even submitting weekly reports to clients with pictures and material certificates. Bureau Veritas conducts monthly checks against timelines and quality standards.

Right before cranes dispatch,we have submitted all check list with detailed pictures as per production drawings and contract for client to give go-ahead.

Flagcrane is a professional custom crane supplier, We recommend that you choose the right type of crane based on the tender documents or application. This ensures that you are using the most suitable crane to prosper your business.

Flagcrane 95Ton overhead crane beam
95Ton overhead crane beam
Flagcrane overhead crane electrical
95Ton overhead crane electrical
Flagcrane 95Ton overhead crane girder
overhead crane girder
Flagcrane overhead crane main girder
overhead crane main girder
Flagcrane 95Ton overhead crane package
95Ton overhead crane package
Flagcrane overhead crane shipping
overhead crane shipping
Flagcrane overhead crane trolley
overhead crane trolley
Flagcrane overhead crane trolley and electric
Flagcrane overhead crane trolley and electric




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