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  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom

HBR Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom

  • Product: HBR Electric Chian Hoist for Cleanroom
  • Capacity: 0.25~20 tones (Standard, Non-standard Customized)
  • Lift Height: 6~30m (Customized)
  • Protection Degree: Ip54/Ip54
  • Travelling Speed: 20m/min
  • Work Class: ISO M4
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~+40℃
  • TAG: Electric Hoist 




HBR cleanroom electric chain hoist is a special dust-proof and oil-proof electric chain hoist used in a dust-free environment. It is common to use clean hoists in clean areas, and it is also common on clean room cranes.
Working conditions of electric chain hoist in cleanroom: dust-free workshop, biological manufacturing workshop, medical equipment industry, food processing, lithium metal processing, chemical processing, microelectronics and other working conditions.

  • 1Stainless steel hook with German standard design;
  • 2Protective sleeve telescope freely;
  • 3Whole shell die casting with light weight, good strength and cooling;
  • 4Motor invisible design with less volume;
  • 5Wheel with horizontal guide with good location accuracy;
  • 6Driven by aseptic reducer, greasing with food grade gear oil without noise;
  • 7Driving wheel made of high light engineering plastic, counterpressure closed drive, wear-resisting, dust-free;
  • 8Chrome plated driving medium, no absorption dust;
  • 9Hoist mechanism with clean type chain hoist;
  • 10Clean and wear-resistant, no dust, anti-static electricity design;
  • 11Low failure rate and good reliability;
  • 12Wide debugging range and accurate positioning;
  • 13Make the most of space;
  • 14Smooth operation and beautiful appearance.
  • 1Clean and wear-resistant, no dust, no vacuuming, and equipped with anti-static design,
  • 2Low failure rate, high operational reliability,
  • 3A wide range of debugging, positioning, rapid improvement,
  • 4The ultra-low hanging style can effectively increase the headroom,
  • 5Surrounded by stainless steel shell, organ cover design, overall beautiful and clean.

HBR cleanroom electric chian hoist is widely used in semiconductor production, electrical and electronics industry, precision machinery industry, precision printing industry, precision machining industry, etc.
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Technical Data
Capacity 125kg/250kg/500kg/800kg/1000kg/2000kg
Lifting Speed 0~24m/min
Lifting Height 20m
Main Power Supply 380v 400v 420v 440v
Lifting medium chain, wire rope
Optional with manual or motorised trolley

Please note: Above specification just for your reference,our hoist can be customized design based on your requirements.


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