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  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist
  • Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist

BCD Explosion-proof Electric Hoist

  • Product: BCD Explosion-proof Electric Hoist
  • Capacity: 0.5-32t (Standard, Non-standard Customized)
  • Lifting Height: 3-30m (Customized)
  • Lifting Speed: 3.5 ~ 8m/min
  • Travelling Speed: 20/30m/min
  • Work Duty: ISO M4
  • Protection Degree: Ip54/Ip54
  • Working Temperature: -20~+40℃
  • TAG: Electric Hoist



BCD explosion-proof electric hoist adapts to the environment in factory that have explosion gas formed by inflammable gas, steam and air of which explosion proof is less than B or C. According to GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.2-2000 rules, motor and electrical equipment are explosion proof. When the explosion proof grade is ExdII CT4, travelling mechanism shall do spark proof treatment.
BCD wire rope Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist is designed with explosion proof level ExdII BT4 and ExdII CT4, which can be used on workshop fixed suspension rail, also can be used with LXB explosion proof suspension single beam crane, LB explosion proof electric single beam crane and explosion proof hoist double beam crane. Flagcrane also provide Europe type explosion-proof electric hoist which is new design hoist.

BCD wire rope Explosion-proof electric hoist


1. The explosion-proof mark of the whole machine is ExdⅡBT4, dⅡCT4, which can meet the use of general explosion-proof occasions.
2. Important parts are made of non-sparking materials,
3. Motor protection class IP54, insulation class F,
4. With overload, overheating, voltage loss, phase failure protection functions,
5. Lifting weight limit protection function.

BCD wire rope Explosion-proof electric hoist


1CE approved.
2Lightweight robust construction.
3Low effort to lift maximum load.
4Fully forged hooks.
5High grade alloy load chain.
6Durable baked enamel paint protection.
7Overload protection device available upon request.
8Excellent after-sale serve.

wire rope electric hoist (33)   wire rope electric hoist (32)


BCD explosion-proof electric hoist is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses and many other occasions to hoist materials directly.
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BCD hoist drawing

Model BCD (ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4 )
Lifting Weight (t) 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 16
Lifting Height (m) 3~9 6~12 6~30 6~30 6~30 6~30 9~30 9~30
Lifting Speed (m/min) 8(0.8/8) 7(0.7/7) 3.5(0.35/3.5)
Running Speed (m/min) 20 20/30 18
Running Rail (m/min) 10-20b 16-28b 10-20b 20a-32c 10-20b 25a-50b 32b-50b 32b-63c
Working Class M4
Power 3-phase AC380V 50Hz

Please note: Above specification just for your reference,our hoist can be customized design based on your requirements.

BCD hoist


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